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What is Cultured Stone?

You may have asked yourself this very question. Well, Cascade Stone is here to answer all of your cultured stone inquiries! There are so many advantages of using cultured stone at your Minneapolis home. Not only is it beautiful and authentic looking, possibly raising the perceived value of your home, but it is also a… Read more »

For Home and Hearth Stones

If you are hoping to build a new home or just upgrade the aesthetic appeal of your existing home, you will be faced with a choice regarding siding, or what you want the exterior to look like. One of the most widely utilized selections are hearth stones. Minnesota homeowners and builders are seeing firsthand that the hearth… Read more »

The Sheer Veneer of Manufactured Stone

Over the eons of human history, dwellings have been made of and/or coated exteriorly by all sorts of different materials. Natural stone has been a popular choice due largely to its strength, but also its aesthetic value. Pricey in nature, actual full-fledged stone use in construction and exterior decor has waned in recent eras. The… Read more »

FAQs about Artificial Stone

Are you thinking about artificial stone for your Minneapolis house or business? There are plenty of great reasons to choose it! Cascade Stone specializes in making several different types of faux and artificial stone. Over our years in business, we’ve been asked many different questions about artificial stone and its benefits. Here are a few… Read more »

The Benefits of Manufactured Stone

There are many different advantages of using manufactured stone at your Minnesota home. Not only is it lovely and authentic looking, but it is also a more cost-effective alternative to natural stone. Here are a few other reasons to consider manufactured stone the next time you are renovating the exterior of your home or building… Read more »