Information on Stone Veneer

Siding as we have known it (usually of the aluminum or synthetic variety), on today’s newly built home no longer has to be drab, standard or cookie cutter. Many options exist, but an exciting new phenomenon has burst on to the scene to spice up a house’s exterior—stone veneer siding.

In comparing the cost of using real stone over stone veneer, the difference can be staggering. Natural stone occurs in a wide variety on the Earth—it’s availability for home decoration is another matter. The stone look you are seeking may come from stones not native to the St Paul area—creating a need to have them shipped. Rock and stone being heavy, shipping costs alone can be overwhelming.

Choosing manufactured stone veneer is another way to ensure the specific stone look you seek. Not to mention ease of application. Stone veneer is applied in one of three ways: dry stacked, grouted or a combination of the two. Basically, a ½ inch of mortar is applied to the back of any individual stone and is subsequently placed on the wall with back and forth movement.

The manufactured stone veneer can be made virtually any color within the eye’s visible palette. The stones are colored using permanent oxides and natural pigments.

Types of stone veneer offered by Cascade Stone: Fieldstone, Split Fieldstone, Ledge Stone, Weathered Edge, Trap Rock, Limestone, Pre-Fit, Split Face, Castle Rock, Bricks, Stone Combinations and Hearth Stones.

Stone veneer can be applied on more than just a home’s exterior. Inside the house, fireplaces, outdoor decorations, retaining walls—anything you can think of.

Consider stone veneer for your St Paul home. It is far more attractive than standard issue siding. Finally, it is difficult for most people to tell the difference between natural stone and stone veneer. You can get the same lovely and classic look of stone without the lofty price. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading the look of your existing home’s exterior, consider stone veneer from Cascade Stone.

Interested in learning more about stone veneer for your St Paul home? For free literature, or the opportunity to speak with a sales representative, call Cascade Stone at 651-774-9657. You may also contact us to get a free Estimate or Stone Sample.

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