The Sheer Veneer of Manufactured Stone

Over the eons of human history, dwellings have been made of and/or coated exteriorly by all sorts of different materials. Natural stone has been a popular choice due largely to its strength, but also its aesthetic value. Pricey in nature, actual full-fledged stone use in construction and exterior decor has waned in recent eras. The cost and availability of manufactured materials like concrete, made stone almost obsolete in home building. The prettiness of stone, as applied in “siding” on houses, created the need for a cheaper alternative that gives off that same look and thus we have manufactured stone for Minneapolis home buyers and owners.

Manufactured stone is known by many names, among them stone veneer, manufactured veneer, faux stone, lick and stick stone, etc. Manufactured stone is made of a molded concrete mix and ultimately can be “dyed” or painted any color, to mimic the look of any real stone.

Manufactured stone is thus substantially lighter than their natural counterparts making installation a breeze. Less weight equals less cost as weight support is much less of an issue for manufactured stone than natural stone. The weight is carried by the framing of the building in question, not the foundation. This makes remodeling easier in all aspects.

The installation process itself is close to that of applying stucco—a sticky base is applied, manufactured stone is fit in. The stucco application similarities require only an extra step for exterior applications of manufactured stone: a weather resistant barrier consisting of wire mesh, coat of mortar, mortar applied to back of stones and they are then placed on the wall.

Cascade Stone has been working in the manufactured stone installation industry for many years. Our process involves blending colors into the stones utilizing natural pigments and permanent oxides.  The colors implemented become part of the manufactured stone as a result and are not mere surface tints. Our veneers can be installed onto any sound interior or exterior surface using regular mortar and are flameproof.

Cascade Stone manufactures stones that can be installed one of three ways; grouted, dry stacked or both. Check with Cascade Stone at the time of purchase for installation instructions that correspond with the type of stone you have selected.

Interested in learning more about manufactured stone for your Minneapolis home? For free literature, or the opportunity to speak with a sales representative, call Cascade Stone at 651-774-9657. You may also contact us to get a free estimate or stone sample.

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