Using Stone Veneer to Accentuate Your St Paul Residence

Stone Veneer St PaulThe outside of your home offers you a way to show off your style in a classy way. You can choose from vinyl siding, aluminum siding, cement fiber siding, brick, stone veneer and others. These products can take an old school architectural style and bring it into the current era of home design, and make your home look like new. But, for a truly Old World meets the Modern Age look, there is nothing quite like the beauty and versatility of stone veneer.

At Cascade Stone, we have more than 20 years of experience installing stone veneer to St Paul homes and commercial properties. We have perfected our technique, yet are always looking for ways to improve our product, so that it is constantly the best overall product available. We offer several types of artificial stones designed to complement your home and style.

Advantages of Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a versatile product that can be used both inside and outside to highlight a specific part of the home. It is made from artificially manufactured stone, yet resembles natural stone. And while it can be distinguished from natural stone, it never fails to add natural beauty to any home.

Advantages of using stone veneer for your St. Paul location:

  • Stone veneer is compatible with nearly every type of wall surface. Whether you have metal, wood, cement, brick or gyprock, a stone veneer wall or accent can be used.
  • Unlike the heavier natural stones that can be difficult to transport, stone veneer weighs less and is much easier to install. Also, because it weighs less, it costs less to transport.
  • In the event that a portion of your stone veneer needs to be replaced, it is an easy change to make.
  • Stone veneer is flexible, so attaches easily to curved surfaces.
  • It is available in many shapes and sizes so you have a plethora of options from which to choose. For indoor usage, the veneer can even be tailor-made to match the room’s décor.
  • Stone veneer is made from a hard material, which makes it durable as well as shock resistant.
  • Changing weather conditions do not affect the veneer. Its colors do not fade away with strong sun, nor is it damaged due to snow or ice.
  • It is easy to care for because it is non-porous and non-absorbent; thus, it does not require special cleaners.

Stone Veneer from Cascade Stone

Whether you want to spruce up the outside of your home or add depth to a wall in the den, stone veneers are the perfect choice. They come in variety of colors, can be easily installed, and can add new life to a tired finish. If you are in the St. Paul area be sure to check out Cascade Stone to see how we can help you achieve the look you have always wanted for your home.

To learn more about stone veneer in St Paul, call Cascade Stone at 651-774-9657, or you can also Contact Us.